Know your target audience and make informed decisions

With the use of tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SE Ranking… we collect, analyze and interpret the data provided to us. The objective of this service is to help companies understand their target audience, web performance and competition.

The Pukkas team is committed to the objectives set by our clients. In order to achieve these objectives, it is necessary to know how to interpret the results to see what needs to be improved or if different actions should be taken. We work continuously to keep up to date with the latest trends and data analysis tools to provide you with a detailed report customized to your business needs.

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What’s in it for you to analyze the data?

There are several reasons to track the results you achieve:

Understand your target audience: By analyzing traffic data, companies can learn about the demographics, interests and behavior of their visitors. This information can be used to create more relevant and effective content and marketing campaigns.

Optimize your website: By analyzing SEO data, companies can identify the keywords for which their web pages are ranking in search results. They can also identify areas of improvement for to increase traffic and conversions.

– Outperform the competition: You can learn about the marketing strategies your competitors are using and develop strategies that will allow you to stand out.

What do we offer?

Analytical Services

Configuration in
Google Analytics 4

We create a GA4 account and determine the metrics to measure the performance of your website. In addition to being able to link it to other tools such as Google Search Console, Google Ads…

Configuration in
Google Search Console

We configure your Google Search Console account to solve indexing and performance problems of your website.


With the analysis of your website done, we focus on improving the conversion rate of your business. By knowing the behavior of users we can improve the usability of your website and with A/B testing to see which version gives better results.

Configuration in other tools

We set up an account or profile in other tools such as SE Ranking, Microsoft Clarity… to collect more data about your audience’s behavior.