In today’s digital era, digital transformation has become an imperative necessity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). At Pukkas, a leading web development and design agency and marketing firm, we are already Digital Advisors of the Kit Consulting to help SMEs navigate this process successfully. This article will guide you through how Pukkas, thanks to the support of the Kit Consulting, can be the catalyst to take your business to the next level of efficiency and competitiveness.

What is Kit Consulting?

The Kit Consulting program is an initiative of the Government of Spain aimed at providing grants with digital vouchers to offer digital transformation advisory services. It is targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises with between 10 and less than 250 employees. Its primary purpose is to provide expert guidance and necessary resources for companies to adapt and thrive in the digital environment.

SMEs that implement the Kit Consulting can expect a range of benefits, such as:

  • Improvement in operational efficiency.
  • Increase in market competitiveness.
  • Optimization of processes through digital tools.
  • Access to grants and aids that facilitate the transformation.

The Kit Consulting includes:

  • Initial diagnosis of the company’s digital state.
  • Personalized digital transformation plan.
  • Continuous advice and technical support.
  • Digital tools adapted to each business’s needs.

Digital Advisory Services

Pukkas offers a digital advisory service that covers everything from identifying needs to implementing technological solutions. This service is designed to ensure that SMEs can adopt digital technologies efficiently and effectively.

At Pukkas, we are experts in identifying improvement opportunities and developing personalized digital strategies. We work closely with our clients to ensure that each step of the transformation process is aligned with business objectives.

Why Choose Pukkas?

With years of experience in the digital sector, Pukkas has established itself as a leader in the digital transformation of SMEs.

Let Pukkas handle the processing of grants and aids. Our team is ready to assist you throughout the process.

Kit Consulting

We want to be your digital advisor

At Pukkas, we want to be your trusted digital advisor. Let us guide you towards success in the digital era.

Pukkas’ Kit Consulting offers SMEs a unique opportunity to embark on their digital transformation effectively and efficiently. With a team of expert advisors, personalized services, and support in grant processing, Pukkas is committed to the success of your business. Don’t wait any longer and contact us to start your digital transformation today.