CELSA Group,
Europe’s leading rolling mill company in the production of low-emission circular steel.

Pukkas is the strategic technological partner of CELSA GROUP. With more than 20 years of relationship, we not only take care of the group’s web projects, but also apps, intranets, landings, and branding, namimg, editorial, etc. creativities.




Web development and implementations through WordPress. Integration with SAP Success Factors. Web design, usability and navigability. Editorial design, logo design, naming, audiovisual project (corporate videos, brand identity). SEO strategy and actions for each of the group’s corporate websites. Monthly reporting of these actions together with GA4 analytics.





Consult corporate documents.
Creation and download of EPDs.
Job offer consultation integrated with Succes Factors.
Download sustainability reports.
Corporate videos and manuals.

Keyword analysis

Thanks to SEO monitoring with tools such as SE Ranking and Google Search Console, we deliver a monthly SEO Map to the client so that he can create content. In addition, we help you with previous content curation.