Connect with your target audience and increase your sales with our social networks

Today, social networks are a fundamental part of many people’s lives. They are used to connect with friends and family, to keep up with the latest news, and also to discover new brands and products.
Therefore, companies cannot remain on the sidelines of social networks. An active presence on these platforms can be an excellent way to reach new customers and create a strong brand image.
However, managing social networks effectively can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task.

That’s why Pukkas offers a social media service that can help you make the most of these tools. We offer a 360º solution in the management and production of creative content with a professional and multidisciplinary team.

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Which social networks should your business use?

The answer to this question depends on the company’s target audience. Not everyone uses the same social networks, so it is important to identify the platforms that potential customers use.
At Pukkas, we will carry out a complete study of your target to recommend the social networks where you should be present.
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What do we offer?

Social Media Services

Community Management

We create and manage profiles in the most appropriate social networks for your business. Social media management goes far beyond just publishing content. It is about connecting with the target audience by creating an active and attractive presence of your brand, answering comments, asking questions to better understand the profile of your followers.

Content strategies

We offer a very complete service based on the analysis of the target audience, the definition of objectives, the selection of the appropriate social networks and the creation of an action plan.


At Pukkas we are copywriters, we focus on writing persuasive texts. In the context of social media, copywriting is used to create content that is relevant, engaging and interesting to your business’ target audience.

Influencer marketing

We take care of finding the profiles that have a good engagement and relevant audience. We also look for them to match the values of your business, as well as for them and their audience to have an interest in the products or services of your sector. In this way, the influencer’s recommendations are authentic and have more credibility.

Content Marketing

Following the established strategy, we create and distribute valuable and interesting content to attract and retain your target audience. Content marketing is very effective in connecting with your target audience, generating leads and sales and improving your brand reputation.