Grants for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies

The Digital Kit program is an initiative of the Government of Spain, which aims to provide grants with digital vouchers for the implementation of digital solutions. They are oriented to the needs of improving business in the digital environment and is aimed at small businesses, micro-enterprises and self-employed workers who develop their professional activity in any sector.

The digitalization grants are financed with funds from the Spanish Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the European Next Generation EU Plan.

From Pukkas we act as a Digitalizing Agent, our company specializes in providing web development and programming services, graphic design, digital marketing and marketplaces management. We have been developing internet projects for 25 years, which have enriched us and given us a great experience that allows us to ensure the success of all our projects.

We face our digital projects in a global way, and we do not stay only in the development phase. A project starts by understanding the needs of our clients, defining the best solution, developing it, implementing it and keeping it in a process of constant improvement to ensure its correct continuity. All this, with the highest quality standards in all development and project management processes.

Characteristics of digital solutions grants

The aid will be in the form of cash grants to finance available digitization solutions
in the Program’s Digitalization Solutions Catalog, which can be consulted on the Acelera Pyme website in the section dedicated to the Digital Kit.

The aid will be granted by means of the corresponding resolution of the application sent by the companies to the granting body. The effectiveness of the aid is subject to the following amounts:

Pukkas acts as a Digitizing Agent
offering the following digitization solutions

1. Website and internet presence

Pukkas offers web design and development services. With more than 25 years of experience, our services are oriented to companies looking to launch into the digital market or improve their digital presence on the Internet. Enjoy your own web application, contact us and we will offer you a custom-made budget without obligation.
With our Amazon Seller Account Management service it will also be possible to improve the presence of a company on the Internet.

Cost: From 1.500€.

2. Electronic commerce

At Pukkas we have specialized in the development of high quality ecommerce of and always configured and customized according to the needs of each client. We create customized online stores with a programming that allows you to automate the website and thus simplify the management of your company. We are a company capable of defining your online strategy to help you create, enhance and optimize your ecommerce.

Cost: From 350€.

3. Social network management

Social media marketing has become an essential tool for many companies to get closer to their audience, attract new customers, improve the relationship with current ones and build customer loyalty.
At Pukkas we manage our clients’ social networks to obtain the best results. Our team of digital marketing professionals helps companies develop and implement their social media strategy.

Cost: From 350€.

4. Business intelligence and analytics

We use Business Intelligence strategies and tools to transform information into knowledge, with the objective of improving the decision making process. On the other hand, analytics is the basis for knowing what is happening with your company and its digital environment. Analyzing and interpreting this data using Business Intelligence tools is necessary if you want to achieve your objectives.

Cost: From 500€.

5. Process management

Process management consists of improving business processes, automated or not, to achieve consistent results aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives.
This service consists of the digitalization of processes and workflows, accounting and finance, invoicing, inventory, logistics, purchasing and payments, human resources and project control.

Cost: From 350€.

6. Virtual Office services and tools

It consists of the creation of intranets that are digital platforms whose objective is to make available to companies assets such as content, files, business processes and tools; facilitating collaboration and communication between people and teams.
Another example can be corporate social networks that favor collaborative work, information exchange or knowledge management, and communication among their members.

Cost: From 500€.


Steps to follow in order to obtain your digital voucher


The first step is to register on the website in order to complete a self-diagnostic test. This test will allow us to know the level of digitization that your company has in order to recommend services tailored to your needs.


Once registered you will be able to consult the catalog of digital solutions offered by the different associated digitalizing agents where Pukkas will be one of them.


Once you have chosen the services you need, you can request the help of the Digital Kit at the electronic headquarters( You must complete all the steps of the form and sign it with an electronic certificate.


How to apply digitally?

In order to apply for the Digital Kit aid, it will be necessary to have an electronic certificate for one of the beneficiaries of the SME that can be requested through and in order to obtain it it is necessary to follow the steps:


Fill in the application form with the national identity card (DNI) of the person who will apply for the digital voucher.


Make an appointment at the offices of the AEAT, Social Security and other associated offices. Once you go to one of these offices, they will confirm your identity with your ID card.


You will be sent an email with a link to download the certificate. Download it and install it on the same computer on which the request was made.

Remember that you can only install it on a single computer, if the operating system is reinstalled, the electronic certificate will be lost.

The way we work that identifies us

Before starting the project we introduce all the members of the team that will work on the project from start to finish so that a client knows who to turn to when a problem arises or the need to communicate their ideas.

We study and analyze the needs of the project. Once detected, a list of tasks to be carried out is presented. Each phase of the project has its own list of tasks that evolves together with the project.

Monthly reporting
Once the service has started, a report detailing all the tasks performed is delivered on a monthly basis so that our client can efficiently monitor the evolution of his project.

Continuous improvement
365 days a year we are alert to all the news, updates and trends that may be related to your project.