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A more integrative and deeper view of digital design

From the design and creativity department, Pukkas Creative, we offer a global service that integrates design, creativity, strategy, communication and advice on any type of project.

We work on all phases related to the design of the projects and ensure the best in each one of them. Always, under a meticulous and careful art direction.

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The idea

We contribute to the creation of business ideas.

The great challenge for companies is to generate ideas capable of transmitting new values and emotions.

Each and every one of our projects requires a specific art direction to achieve the best results. A good idea will undoubtedly lead to the creation of a better design.

The strategy

We create communication strategies, studying and examining the best options to achieve the best result, analyzing the competition and testing the market.

To do so, it will be necessary to know the customer, the company, its products, as well as to understand its internal and external processes, its philosophy, its values, etc.

The design

The objective of design, combining text and image, is to satisfy visual communication needs.

Thus, before starting to design, the design strategy must be correctly defined.

We help define how the company should position itself and what type of design should be applied according to the needs of each client and each project.

Online design

The online design is critical in the digital age, as it hels companies and organizations establish their online presence, attract and retain their audience, and provide engaging and functional digital experiences

Web & app design
Usr interface (UI) design
User experince design (UX)
Creation of visual content for RRSS
Mailing / Newsletter
infographics / Slide / Iconography
Presentations / Animations

Offline design

The offline design is still relevant in a digital world, as many companies still need physical media to communicate with their audience, offering a unique tactile experience.

Art direction
Corporate indentity design
Branding elements
Editorial design

Infographics/ Signage
Promotional material

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About Pukkas Creative

Essential actions

To be efficient in all senses, it is important to apply a series of actions that, in our opinion, are essential to design any product (a brand, a logo, a campaign, etc.) and that will totally condition the development of the project.

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More than 20 years creating and designing

From the merger of a graphic design studio and a computer programming company, Pukkas was born, a pioneer company in the development of projects …

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