The fourth generation of Google Analytics is here, full of new features and updates that will change the paradigm of web analytics:

Hits disappear to make way for events

Improved search in properties and accounts

New approach to data attribution

Combination of APPs and Web Data Statistics

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Google Analytics 4 is here

Digital transformation has changed the rules of the game in many ways. This year 2023 will focus on one of the key pillars of web analytics: Google Analytics Universal is leaving to make way for Google Analytics 4.

In recent years it has been possible to measure the performance of web pages through conversions, behavior and user experience. This year, these metrics will take a back seat.

Due to the focus on privacy in recent years and changes in cookie policies, Google has decided to establish many more options in terms of data collection and user behavior analysis.

Day by day we realize the importance, impact and evolution that this change is already causing for the online world.

In Pukkas we have scoured the Internet without regard, searching through countless websites and portals, training ourselves in this area to be able to implement the relevant changes for all our customers, both current and future ones.

Welcome to Google Analytics 4!

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