We live in an era where technology is of great help in managing many processes. For example, artificial intelligence is now being used to automate repetitive and tedious tasks for employees.

In this sense, one of the areas that benefits most from artificial intelligence is corporate customer service, as it allows agents to focus on other types of activities that require greater concentration, such as providing personalized service.

This is why more and more companies are implementing this technology and have turned it into their ally, because it allows them to offer a better service to their current and potential customers. Here we explain why artificial intelligence can be of great help to your business and how you can make the most of its potential.

Benefits of using artificial intelligence in customer service

  • Error reduction

Sometimes, the precision of new technologies makes it possible to detect errors and perceive details that humans may overlook. This significantly reduces the number of errors that can be made in our service, which guarantees the safety of people and the quality of the service we provide.

In addition, AI systems have the ability to learn and improve with every interaction, so if a failure occurs, it is unlikely to happen again in the future.

  • Long-term savings

This is one of the main advantages of Artificial Intelligence, despite the fact that in its origins, when these systems started to be used, it was necessary to make a rather high investment.

Today, although it is still a rather sophisticated technology and requires a significant investment, it is true that some customer service tools can automate processes, leading to cost reductions in the long run. For example, many call center software integrate a powerful Artificial Intelligence system with functions such as call transcription, intelligent distribution of interactions…

  • Improve customer experience

When we automate a company’s customer service tasks that can be repetitive, such as greeting customers, we free agents to focus more on the tasks that need more attention, providing a better, more satisfying customer experience.

  • 24/7/365 availability

Artificial Intelligence systems have the particularity of being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This translates into immediate attention to all doubts and concerns that customers may have at any time of the day, whether or not they arise outside office hours.

4 uses of artificial intelligence in customer service

Among the multiple uses of artificial intelligence, we show you some of them.

To welcome customers

Your employees will no longer have to write the same welcome message to your customers over and over again and can focus on other tasks that bring more value to the business. Users will be taken care of from the very first moment and you will prevent your agents from being overwhelmed by processes that can easily be executed by bots.

In fact, conversational


are capable of handling the simplest requests, such as verifying the identity of customers or providing information on an invoice. They will only send to agents interactions for which they have no response, because agents are in a better position to respond to them.

Effectively manage customer interactions

Another way to make AI work for your business is to use it to efficiently deliver voice and chat interactions with customers and increase productivity.

Once the system has welcomed the clients and the reason for their request is known, the virtual agent will

virtual agent

If, as mentioned above, the virtual agent is unable to resolve the user’s request, he/she will transfer the conversation to the most appropriate employee to handle it.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence systems are based on principles such as natural language processing (NLP), which helps to improve customer service. Thanks to this principle, virtual agents can hold a voice or chat conversation as a human would.

In this way, they adapt to the needs of customers and give them the answer they are looking for when they need it most, even being able to distinguish the gender, language or mood of the user.

Manage customer appointments

The appointment management procedure can be inefficient if done manually and the chances of error are higher. Using AI, customers will be able to book, modify or cancel an appointment with the company via chat or voice call quickly and efficiently.

To answer frequently asked questions

Phone and chat bots can answer users’ most frequently asked questions. In this way, we avoid agents having to constantly type or repeat the same answer to similar questions from users during a call.

In short…

Artificial Intelligence can be a great ally for your business. It is essential to know its benefits and possible uses and although in this article we have only provided you with a list of 4 examples, in reality you can use it for many other things.

Go ahead and implement these systems in your business!